Genstat Gensets

The principle product of Parkinson Associates is the world leading  Genstat - Gensets which for 15 years has analysed the world diesel generating set market consumption for diesel generating sets in the following 12 power bands.
Most of the market leaders subscribe to Genstat – Gensets. Subscriptions can be modified to meet customer’s organisational needs in terms of power bands and sales regions.

The product is continually evolving through customer demand and has recently been extended to include natural gas generating set production and consumption. Credibility is maintained by actively encouraging user feedback.

You do not have to subscribe to Genstat – Gensets. If you want a one off report on specific countries, regions or power bands we can supply this as excel files.

If you want more in depth market analysis our sister company Probe Marketing can help.

Whatever your Generating set market needs Genstat - Gensets is the product for you.

To see how Genstat - Genset works click the PDF sampler link.
KVA Band KVA Band
1 - 7.5
2000 +
7.6 - 30 750 - 1000
30 - 75 1000 - 1500
75 - 250 1500 - 2000
250 - 375 2000 - 3000
375 - 750 3000 - 4000
750 - 2000 4000 +
Genstat - Gensets is produced twice a year and covers historic, current and forecast data for 200 countries organised into five regions.

Diesel Generating Set consumption is obtained by analysing both exports from the top twenty manufacturing countries together with local diesel generating set production worldwide.